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Center for Computational Modeling & Statistical Services

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The Center

The Center for Computational Modeling and Statistics is focused on providing clients with innovative solutions to complex environmental and occupational science problems.  We are a global consulting partner that specializes in computational modeling and statistical analysis, stays on top of the latest techniques, and knows which method to select for a particular problem.

We have extensive experience using computational modeling to understand past and future exposures in both occupational and environmental settings, especially in cases where it is either impossible or impractical to collect measurements. Our leadership in statistical methodologies enables us to understand the important relationships hidden within a specific exposure data set.

The CCMSS provides convenient access to a team of modeling and statistical experts and other resources under one roof.  Together, we use sound and defensible science to answer questions like:

  • What is the air concentration of a chemical within a one-mile radius of an industrial facility due to emissions from the facility?
  • If a worker spills a volatile chemical on the floor, what is the initial air concentration after the spill and how does it change over time?
  • How do the worker air concentrations measured using personal sampling change based on the worker’s occupation or work task?
  • At what dose does a chemical no longer produce significant effects?
  • What mass of sediment along a two-mile stretch of river is the responsibility of any particular company with a facility along the same stretch of river?