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Center for Computational Modeling & Statistical Services

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The following works were published by Cardno ChemRisk® scientists, and exemplify work done in our Center for Computational Modeling and Statistical Services.  Please Contact Us for abstracts or more information.

Environmental Fate and Transport Modeling

  • Scott P.K. and K.R. Trowbridge. 1994. Screening-level versus refined modeling approaches to estimating PCB concentrations in aquatic food webs:  a case study of Lake Ontario. Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment, Third Volume.  J.S. Hughes, G.R. Biddinger, and E. Mones (eds).  ASTM STP 1218.  Philadelphia, PA: American Society for Testing and Materials.

Statistical AnalysIs

  • Scott P.K. Fillos, D., W.J. Luksemburg, and B.L. Finley.  2010.  Principal components analysis (PCA) of PCB concentrations in shrimp from the U.S. retail market.  Organohal. Compounds. 72:1314-1317.

Human Health Assessment