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Risk Assessment of Fish Consumption in San Diego Bay


  • Challenge: Cardno ChemRisk® was asked by a shipbuilding company to evaluate the risk posed by consuming fish and shellfish caught near a company shipyard as a part of cleanup and abatement negotiations in the San Diego Bay.
  • Approach: Cardno ChemRisk scientists performed probabilistic and deterministic risk assessments for theoretical cancer and non-cancer risk associated with the consumption of fish and shellfish caught at the site surrounding the shipyard.  The assessment considered PCBs, arsenic, lead, mercury and copper, and utilized previously determined fish contaminant concentrations and realistic exposure scenarios.
  • Findings: After performing a risk assessment, Cardno ChemRisk found that the risk associated with consuming fish and shellfish caught in the shipyard was below levels of regulatory concern for cancer and non-cancer endpoints.  The assessment also indicated that there was no difference in chemical concentrations in fish and shellfish caught at the site compared to fish and shellfish caught at another location in the bay that was not impacted by the site (considered to be “background”).
  • Value: Cardno ChemRisk determined the risk associated with realistic seafood consumption from the site, helping to resolve concerns.  Additionally, Cardno ChemRisk provided support for client interactions with regulatory agencies and other stakeholders.


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Chemical or Material: Arsenic ,Copper ,Lead ,Mercury ,PCB ,Polychlorinated Biphenyls

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