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Novelty Candy Contamination

  • Challenge: A company that manufactured a liquid spray candy product, distributed internationally to children, began to receive reports of bad taste and a cloudy appearance. Cardno ChemRisk was asked to identify whether the contaminant, Nonylphenol Ethyoxylates (NPE), posed a health risk and to work with several governments on resolving the issue.
  • Approach: Cardno ChemRisk evaluated the short- and long-term human health risks associated with consumption of NPEs.  Daily exposure estimates were calculated for children on a country-specific basis using both deterministic and probabilistic approaches.
  • Findings: It was found that the spray pumps of the candy were accidentally contaminated with NPE during manufacture.  To prevent future problems, Cardno ChemRisk recommended changes in supply chain management, communications, quality control measures and quality control checks.
  • Value: The candy company quickly responded with a risk management plan in each of the affected markets, using the data from Cardno ChemRisk assessments.   
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Chemical or Material: Nonylphenol Ethyoxylates ,NPE

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