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Evaluation of New Chemical Additive for a Tire

  • Challenge: Cardno ChemRisk was asked by a tire manufacturer to evaluate the potential environmental health risk of a new additive for a tire tread. Additionally, because this additive would result in a visible "bloom" on the surface of the tread, Cardno ChemRisk was asked to prepare an appropriate risk communication to be shared with the client's distributors and customers.
  • Approach: Cardno ChemRisk scientists evaluated the patent for the new rubber compound containing the additive, as well as the scientific literature regarding the toxicity associated with the substance. Scientists also conducted an exposure assessment to understand the potential exposure to humans and the environment throughout the tire life cycle, including production, service life and end of life.
  • Findings: The new additive was found to be of low potential risk to the public and the environment. In fact, because the substance is used in many comsumer applications including fertilizer amendments, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, bottled water flavorings and aquarium additives, the potential health risk could be put into context with everyday background exposures and typical daily intakes. An information piece was prepared to distribute to the general public.
  • Value: The company's Research & Development group was able to bring a new product to market with confidence, knowing it was safe for the environment. The company's communication to the public also demonstrated transparency and a deep com¬mitment to environmental product stewardship.


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