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Value To You

The Cardno ChemRisk Center for Product Sustainability is dedicated to helping clients assess the potential health and ecological risk of consumer products.  We will also help you to stay on top of changing regulations and proactively address future needs.

You can rely on us to:

  • Perform thorough risk assessments across the supply chain and product life cycle. 
  • Navigate the complex challenges surrounding product safety.
  • Pioneer and advance ground-breaking approaches such as chemical footprinting.  
  • Understand changing regulatory requirements in the U.S. and abroad that impact products.
  • Recommend product solutions that ensure compliance and are scientifically defensible.
  • Leverage from our extensive library of hundreds of product assessments.   

You’ll not only get the information you need to make informed decisions, but in the process you can also:

  • Enhance your reputation for product sustainability and stay ahead of the curve. 
  • Get peace of mind that your product is safe and compliant.
  • Reduce the cost of product recalls and non-compliance.
  • Achieve greater transparency in product safety reporting.