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The Center

Public concern about the human and ecological hazards of a product’s chemical components continues to grow. This has led to tighter regulations worldwide and a stronger emphasis on product safety and sustainability.

The Cardno ChemRisk Center for Product Sustainability is passionate about using science to drive responsible product solutions and stewardship. We are a global consulting partner that specializes in performing product risk assessments to better understand the impact of chemical exposures. We use state-of-the-art techniques to perform routine and highly complex product evaluations.  We also pioneer and advance ground-breaking approaches such as chemical footprinting.

Our risk assessment leadership extends across industries – from toys and electronics to automotive and healthcare. We play active roles in numerous organizations and advisory panels, collaborating closely with industry, government and academia to accelerate best practices and deliver sustainable solutions. 

The Center provides convenient access to a team of Product Sustainability experts and other resources under one roof. Together, we use sound and defensible science to answer questions like:

  • Is this product safe and compliant with regulations?
  • When does a chemical exposure pose a risk?
  • How do we solve and prevent exposure problems?
  • What are best practices for risk assessment?
  • How can we prove our product is “green?”