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A Proposition 65 claim was made against a manufacturer of shoulder bags containing PVC. Cardno ChemRisk was asked to evaluate the potential for lead exposure from these bags. Cardno ChemRisk scientists designed and conducted a quantitative exposure assessment of lead in consumer nylon bags. Accessible lead was measured using commercially available lead wipes on all product surfaces with the potential for consumer contact. Multiple pathway exposure was estimated for the normal use of the product and results were compared to the California Proposition 65, Maximum Allowable Dose Level (MADL).





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A manufacturer of medical alert jewelry asked Cardno ChemRisk to evaluate the potential lead exposure from these products. Cardno ChemRisk scientists conducted a health risk assessment and estimated the total potential bodily dose of lead based on contact with selected products via dermal absorption, hand-to-mouth exposure, mouthing (oral) exposure, and ingestion in both adults and children. Through laboratory analyses conducted using California Proposition 65, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and Health Canada methods, Cardno ChemRisk experts evaluated both total and soluble/accessible lead content in the products, and employed modeling techniques to determine cumulative exposure potential. Results were then compared and evaluated against both CPSC and Proposition 65 standards.

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