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About 2 million tons per year of Tire and Road Wear Particles (TRWP) are released globally into the environment, and questions have been raised about their presence in ambient air and sediment.  Cardno ChemRisk was retained by an international consortium of tire manufacturers to evaluate the state of knowledge on the topic, identify data gaps, and design and manage the research efforts to characterize the environmental health impact of TRWP generated during the service life of a tire. Studies in a number of key areas are being conducted in Europe, North America and Asia. See the Tire Industry project for more information.

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Azide and Talc in Airbags airbag

An automotive company asked us to evaluate the potential for skin irritation from azide in talc following deployment of an airbag in an automobile crash.  Cardno ChemRisk developed an exposure scenario that reflected an actual incident of contact with skin on the face.  Using a variety of parameters, we estimated the amount of azide that may come into contact with the exposed skin and found that if even half of the contents of the airbag were released during deployment, the azide would fully react and not be available for dermal contact.  Further, we also found that because talc is not a skin irritant, the only potential for adverse dermal effects would be abrasion from the bag materials itself.