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What Is Chemical Footprinting

Cardno ChemRisk is collaborating with clients, industry and academia to develop a Chemical Footprinting methodology for the future. Chemical Footprinting examines all of the chemicals in a system and their interaction with each other at every stage, cradle to cradle.  This provides a more accurate understanding of the total exposure risk of the final product. 

For example:

  • Some chemicals may be toxic as an independent entity, but in the manufacturing process, various reactions may consume the chemical and it may no longer exist in the final product. Chemical Footprinting would reveal this.
  • Chemicals such as lead are considered dangerous for direct human contact, but in a final product, it may be encapsulated so that no leaching or hazard occurs. Chemical Footprinting would reveal this.
  • One chemical may be substituted for another because it is less toxic to humans, however, the new chemical may have properties that make it more available to aquatic species, in which case the risk is simply shifted from humans to the ecosystem. Chemical Footprinting would reveal this.