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Questions about product sustainability and stewardship involve complex concepts and issues. The answers must come from multiple technical disciplines, which are well-represented by our Product Sustainability team. Chemists, toxicologists, industrial hygienists, epidemiologists, ecotoxicologists, environmental scientists, chemical and environmental engineers, biologists and statisticians are ready to meet your needs.

A few activities of each discipline include:

Together, we employ the latest technologies and methodologies for risk assessment and have conducted hundreds of product assessments to understand the potential risks posed by industrial goods, consumer products, and foods. We are prepared to support your product sustainability and stewardship programs, as well. Among our many services, you can rely on us for:

  • Product testing to assess environmental release potential
  • Toxicity testing and analysis to meet regulatory registration requirements
  • Chemical substitute/ alternative evaluations
  • California Proposition 65 assessments
  • Predictive exposure model development
  • Chemical footprinting analysis