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The Center

Concern about various human health and safety hazards in the workplace environment continue to grow as technology advances, and as stakeholders raise the bar for occupational health and safety performance for global companies. This has led to increasingly stringent regulations and a greater emphasis on high performance standards and corporate responsibility.  

The Center for Occupational Health and Safety Sciences (COHS) is focused on assessing the impact of chemical, physical and biological hazards on human health and safety in the work environment, and on recommending work practices to mitigate those risks. We are a global consulting partner that specializes in occupational health and safety and that uses state-of-the-art technologies to perform both routine and highly complex evaluations.

Our experience spans four decades and a variety of industries – from petroleum refining to tire manufacturing, and involves numerous chemical, physical, and biological hazards – from silica to radionuclides and from lockout/tagout to hazard communications. We play active roles in numerous organizations and advisory panels, collaborating closely with senior management, industry leaders, governments and academia to accelerate best practices and deliver sustainable solutions. 

The COHS provides convenient access to a team of occupational health and safety experts and other resources under one roof.  Together, we use sound and defensible science to answer questions like:

  • Does an exposure pose a risk to my employees?
  • How do we control hazards and exposures to our employees?
  • Are our facilities in compliance with the company, industry and regulatory requirements?
  • What are “best practices” for occupational health and safety?
  • How do we appropriately communicate hazard and risks?
  • How do we as senior management achieve world-class performance?
  • How does this new regulation affect us?
  • How do we assure that the best science is available during a rule-making process?