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Retrospective Exposure Assessment of Benzene (Pliofilm) WorkersiStock_000010374839XSmall

On behalf of the API, Cardno ChemRisk scientists reviewed industrial hygiene and process engineering records for three pliofilm manufacturing facilities in Ohio and reconstructed the likely uptake of benzene by nearly 400 individuals who worked from 1939-1976. We then combined these exposure estimates with mortality data, and calculated the cancer potency factor for benzene based on the epidemiology experience. Our work was considered during the 1997 reassessment of the EPA/OSHA cancer potency factor for benzene. This work was published in a peer-reviewed journal, and has been frequently used in international regulations involving benzene (see Paustenbach et al. 1992).  More recently, the analysis was updated using Monte Carlo techniques and some recently discovered data. The analysis used virtually all available methodologies for characterizing the plausible range of exposures to this cohort, and was published in a peer-reviewed journal (see Williams and Paustenbach 2003).