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Important Dates

California Safer Consumer Products Regulation

Important Dates
Cardno's team of experienced toxicologists, exposure assessors, resource economists, and sustainability specialists are prepared to help companies understand California's Safer Consumer Products (SCP) regulation and conduct thorough and reliable alternatives analyses.

Manufacturers who want to stay in compliance and avoid interruptions in product production should put the following dates on their calendar, both for reference and action. Note that these dates may change and are predicated on the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) process and progress.

August 28, 2013 California SCP regulation approved as a result of the state's aggressive Green Chemistry Initiative.
October 1, 2013 SCP regulations become effective
Before October 31, 2013 DTSC identifies an initial list of candidate chemicals.
On or before April 1, 2014 DTSC identifies up to five “priority products” that will fall under SCP regulations in the first few years of SCP implementation.
Late 2014 After the initial list of priority products is identified, there will be a stakeholder regulatory process to ensure the validity of each priority product moving forward. Once validated, the DTSC will post a notice for all responsible entities (affected companies) to submit their response.
Late 2014 + 60 days After the list of priority products is identified, the adoption process is completed and the notice is sent, responsible entities will have 60 days to submit the required notifications.
Late 2014 + 180 days: Responsible entities not removing the chemical of concern or pulling the product from the market will need to submit a detailed alternatives analysis for their product.