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Cardno ChemRisk Presented at The American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition (AIHce) May 31 – June 5, 2014

Cyrs WD. 2014. The Long and Winding Road of CIH Exam Preparation. Roundtable Presentation.
Cyrs WD, MA Tosiano, JM Panko and ML Kreider. 2014. Use of a novel method to assess exposure to nanoscale carbon black and amorphous silica at two tire manufacturing facilities. Podium Presentation.  
Gaffney SH. 2014. What Are Acceptable Levels of Risk from Asbestos Exposure in the Home? Roundtable Session.
Hill D. 2014. Alternative Assessments for Product Stewards: Getting Started. Podium Presentation.
Kopelovich L, N Jacobs and JJ Keenan. 2014. Toluene in Nail Lacquers: A Proposition 65 Exposure Assessment. Podium Presentation.
Kreider ML, WD Cyrs, MA Tosiano and JM Panko. 2014. Method Development for Nanomaterials Exposure Assessment in Mixed Dust Environments. Podium Presentation.
Lotter J, B Roberts and JS Pierce. 2014. Airborne Asbestos Exposures Associated with the Installation and Removal of Roofing Products. Poster Presentation.
Panko JM. 2014. Green Chemistry: A Critical Element of Sustainable Development and Product Stewardship. Podium Presentation.  
Paustenbach DJ. 2014. Impact of the Evolving Regulatory Environment on IH. Roundtable Session.  
Pierce JS, A Abelmann, LJ Spicer, RE Adams and BL Finley. 2014. Diacetyl and 2,3-Pentanedione Exposures Associated with Cigarette Smoking: Implications for Risk Assessment of Food and Flavoring Workers. Poster Presentation.
Ronk CJ, ME Glynn, SH Gaffney and J Sahmel. 2014. Ambient Asbestos and Longterm Trends in Pleural Mesothelioma Incidence between Urban and Rural Areas in the United States Podium Presentation.
Sahmel, J. 2014. Dermal Exposure Judgment. Roundtable Session.
Sahmel J. 2014. IH Decision Making for Dermal Exposure Scenarios. Science Symposium.