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Angela Perez, PhD, Supervising Health Scientist

Angela Perez

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Phone: (415) 618-3209
Fax: (415) 896-2444
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Location: San Francisco, CA


Dr. Angela Perez is a Supervising Health Scientist with Cardno ChemRisk. She is trained in toxicology and has over 12 years of research and project management experience in exposure assessment and human health risk assessment. Her focus areas include food safety, environmental exposures, and consumer product exposures primarily related to Proposition 65. Dr. Perez has been involved in characterizing the risk associated with the use of agrochemicals, metals and metalloids in consumer products, soils, waters, and in crops for consumption, and has bench research experience investigating bioavailable metals in soils, sediments, and waters. She has researched and conducted risk assessments related to triclosan, formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalates in consumer products, human health effects from exposure to compounds associated with diesel exhaust particles in the general population, and health effects from exposures to food flavoring chemicals, including diacetyl, ethyl acetate, metabisulfite, and acetaldehyde. Her past research focused on agrochemicals or contaminants therein, including thallium, inorganic and organomercurials, cadmium, arsenic, lead, nickel, azinphos-methyl, dimethenamid-P, merphos, carbendazim, and methyl iodide. Dr. Perez has participated in source profiling research with PAHs, and PCBs and has conducted research and published in the area of elemental and stable isotope ratio profiling of foods to verify country of origin – an emerging technique used to command accountability in the safety, production, and distribution of the global food supply.


  • PhD, Toxicology, Oregon State University  (2008)
  • BA, cum laude, Oregon State University  (2003)

Professional Associations

  • American Society for Testing And Materials (ASTM) – voting member of the F15 Consumer Products
  • Committee (2010 – current)
  • Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry (SETAC) (2004-current)
  • Regional Chapter – Northern California SETAC – Vice President (2010 – current)
  • American Chemical Society (2006-current)
  • Society of Toxicology (2009-current)
  • Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (2006-2008)

Awards/Professional Honors

  • National Institute Health (NIH), Training Grant Fellow (2003-2007)
  • Diversity Advancement Pipeline Fellowship (2007-2008)
  • Association for Environmental Health Sciences (2007) – Best student presentation award
  • American Chemical Society (2006) - travel award
  • Jesse M. Bell Memorial award-Merit based (2007)

Practice Areas

  • Nanotechnology
  • Toxicology and Ecotoxicology




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Denise Hill
James Keenan
Michael Kovochich
Marisa Kreider
Amy Madl
Andy Monnot
Rachel Novick
Dennis Paustenbach
Angie Perez
Brooke Tvermoes

Key Services

  • Hazard assessments
  • Dose-response modeling and assessments
  • Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PB-PK) modeling
  • Toxicology study design, management and interpretation
  • Structure activity relationships
  • Causation assessments and evaluations


pdf buttonCardnoChemRisk: Toxicology and Ecotoxicology


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