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Sodium Hypochlorite and Disinfection Byproducts

  • Challenge: Chlorinated cleaning products are widely used in industrial/professional and consumer settings and released to wastewater systems which may reach local aquatic habitats. Cardno ChemRisk was asked to evaluate the potential toxicity of sodium hypochlorite/bleach (used as a disinfectant) to humans and environmental receptors
  • Approach: Human exposure to the chemical byproducts from residential use of bleach was evaluated using the Exposure and Fate Assessment Screening Tool (E-FAST), Version 2.0, and the “Down-the-Drain” scenario.  Exposure estimates were compared to U.S. and international drinking water standards.
  • Findings: Using highly conservative modeling assumptions, it was concluded that the possible adverse human health risks associated with the chemical byproducts were negligible.  These findings were consistent with a similar risk assessment that was conducted by the European Union.
  • Value: The cleaning product company was able to address the public health concerns and provide assurance regarding the safety of its product.
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Chemical or Material: Bleach ,Sodium Hypochlorite

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