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Cardno ChemRisk Presentations

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1 A Cross-Sectional Study of West Nile Virus in Clinic-Admitted Raptors
2 Analysis of Time Weighted Average Concentrations of Formaldehyde During Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments
3 A Case Study in Understanding Exposure Associated with Nanostructured Materials: Carbon Black and Amorphous Silica
4 Ambient Air Quality Associated With Hydraulic Fracturing Operations
5 An Analysis of Historical Exposures of Pressmen to Airborne Benzene (1930s to 2006)
6 Analysis and Modeling of Airborne BTEX Concentrations from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
7 Analytical Method Development and Validation of a Pyrolysis-GC/MS Method to Quantify Tire and Road Wear Particles in Environmental Samples
8 Assessment of the Exposure-Response Relationship Between Diacetyl and Respiratory Health Outcomes Among Popcorn and Flavor Manufacturing Workers
9 Characterization of Airborne Diacetyl Concentrations Associated with Consuming Different Types of Wine
10 Characterization Of Formaldehyde Exposure Resulting From The Use Of Four Professional Hair Straightening Products
11 Chrysotile Asbestos Exposure and Upper Respiratory Cancers: Is There an Association?
12 Comparing Pulmonary Function Data in Flavorings Manufacturing Workers
13 Comparing the Chemical Footprint of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids used in Natural Gas Extraction
14 Considerations for a Health-Based Surface Dust Cleanup Criterion for Beryllium
15 Correlation of pesticide surface water concentrations with publicly available usage data
16 Derivation of a Chronic Oral Reference Dose for Cobalt
17 Derivation of LOAEL and NOAEL for Tremolite Asbestos
18 Development of Semi-Empirical Relationship between Fume Exposure and Welding-Related Parameters Using Fraction Factorial Design
19 Diacetyl Exposure from Active Cigarette Smoking: Implications for Characterizing Health Risks in Popcorn and Flavor Manufacturing Workers
20 Diacetyl exposure from cigarette smoke: Implications for assessing diacetyl exposure-response in popcorn and flavor manufacturing workers
21 Effects of subacute inhalation exposure to tire and road wear particles in rats
22 Evaluation of Chrysotile Fiber Adherence to Clothing Exposed to Known Airborne Asbestos Concentrations Before and After Handling and Shaking Out of the Clothing
23 Evaluation of Potential Take Home Exposure during Laundering Activities: A Simulation Study of Airborne Chrysotile Concentrations Associated with Handling Clothing Exposed to Known Levels of Airborne Asbestos
24 Evaluation of the potential aquatic toxicity of TRWP to algae, daphnids and fish
25 Evaluation of Tire and Road Wear Particles in the Seine River Watershed: a Sustainability Initiative of the Global Tire Industry
26 Evaluation of Tire and Road Wear Particles in the Yodo River Watershed: A Global Tire Industry Sustainability Initiative
27 Exposure to Diacetyl Vapors Associated with Secondhand Cigarette Smoke
28 Health Risk Ranking Framework for the Life Cycle of Nanomaterial-Containing Products
29 Human PBPK Modeling of Benzene Inhalation Based Chinese Worker Urinary Metabolite Data: Comparison of Human and Mouse Metabolism
30 Investigation of Cobalt Steady-State Levels in Five Healthy Adult Volunteers Taking 14-Days of a Cobalt Supplement
31 Is dermal sensitization for 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one [BIT] in consumer products a cause for concern?
32 Lead exposure and formation of amyloid plaques: In vivo and in vitro evidence of the involvement of heavy metal ions in amyloid aggregation
33 Measured Air Exchange Rates in Two Homes in Rural Peru
34 Mechanism of Copper (Cu) Transport at the Blood-Cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier: Influence of Iron Deficiency in an In vitro System
35 Particle Size Distributions of Welding Fume Measured in the Breathing-Zone and in an Emission Chamber
36 Potential for toxicity on the cardiopulmonary system from inhalation of airborne TRWP
37 Responding to Community Concerns Surrounding Hydraulic Fracturing Activities near a School
38 Total Aromatic Content in Petroleum Solvents Modifies Headspace Benzene Vapor Concentrations: Implications for Exposure Assessments
39 Tremolite Asbestos Exposures Associated with the Use of Commercial Products
40 Using Chemical Footprinting to Examine the Constituents of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids
41 Using Risk Assessment Methods to Create A Sustainable Path Forward for Natural Gas Exploration in the Marcellus Shale Formation
42 Validation of a Chemical Marker and Development of an Analytical Method to Detect and Quantify TRWP in Environmental Samples
43 Weight of Evidence Evaluation of Diacetyl Exposure Response Relationship in Popcorn and Flavoring Worker Studies

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