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Cardno ChemRisk Presentations

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1 A Case Control Study of Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia in Shanghai, China
2 A Review of the Occupational Hazards Related to Medical Lasers
3 Airborne Asbestos Concentrations Associated with Replacement of Internal Valve Gaskets and Packing
4 Airborne Concentrations of Metals and Total Dust during Solid Catalyst Loading and Unloading Operations at a Petroleum Refinery
5 An assessment of the bioavailability of cadmium in thin-film PV modules
6 Analysis of Historical Industrial Hygiene Data: A Case Study Involving Benzene Exposures at a Petrochemical Manufacturing Facility (1974-1999)
7 Analysis of Human Health Risk Throughout the Life Cycle of a Gallium Arsenide Thin Film Photovoltaic Cell
8 Dermal Absorption of Benzene in Occupational Settings: Estimating Flux and Applications for Risk Assessment
9 Dermal Absorption of Benzene in Occupational Settings: Estimating Uptake and Applications for Risk Assessment
10 Determinants of Deathly Carbon Monoxide Exposure inside a Recreational Vehicle
11 Determinants of Deathly Carbon Monoxide Exposure inside a Recreational Vehicle
12 Effects of Intratracheal Instillation of Tire and Road Wear Particles (TRWP) and Tread Particles (TP) on Inflammation and Cytotoxicity in Rat Lung: A Comparative Toxicity Study
13 Estimation of dermal permeability in untested vehicles based on measured permeability in a reference vehicle
14 Evaluation of Airborne Toxicant Concentrations from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
15 Evaluation of Para-Occupational Exposures to Asbestos: A Review of the Literature (1900-Present)
16 Evaluation of Pentachlorophenol and PCDD/Fs Exposure as Risk Factors for Multiple Myeloma
17 Evaluation of risks due to children’s exposures to cadmium in consumer products
18 Exposure Reconstruction in Occupational Human Health Risk Assessment: Current Methods and a Recommended Framework
19 Government and Navy knowledge regarding health hazards of asbestos: A state of the science evaluation (1900 to 1970)
20 Occupational Exposure to Artificial Butter Flavorings: A State-of-the-Art Analysis
21 PFOS and PFOA: Review of toxicological literature towards support of a toxicological reference value (TRV)
22 Product sustainability: The role of chemical watch lists in chemical deselection from products manufacturing processes
23 Proposition 65 dermal exposure assessment for DEHP in clothing with plasticized images
24 Reverse Causation of Dioxin Dose-Response Trends for Risk of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Among Operation Ranch Hand Vietnam Veterans
25 Safety data sheet alteration during alignment with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) and implications for chemical manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors
26 The Chemical Footprint: An Emerging Indicator of Environmental Performance
27 Triclosan occurrence in freshwater systems in the United States (1999-2010): A meta-analysis

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