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Cardno ChemRisk Presentations

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1 A historical review of asbestos exposures among skilled craftsmen
2 Age and concentration-dependent elimination half lives of chlorinated dibenzofurans in Yusho and Yucheng patients
3 Age and concentration-dependent TCDD elimination half life in Seveso children
4 Airborne benzene exposure of mechanics and gasoline service station attendants
5 An age-dependent half-life model for estimating childhood body burdens of dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans
6 An approach for estimating benzene air concentrations at former MGP sites
7 Changes in estrogen metabolism in catechol-o-methyltransferase (COMT) deficient mice are associated with increased development and altered gene expression in the mouse mammary gland
8 Characterization of the N27 dopaminergic cell line as a model for elucidating the actions of functionally selective dopaminergic ligands
9 Chemical exposure assessment: surface deposition of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)
10 Chrysotile Asbestos Exposure Associated with Removal of Automobile Exhaust Systems (Circa 1946-1970)
11 Comparison of Background Metal Concentrations with Metal Data from Elston, et al
12 Comparison of Toluene Exposures during Spray Painting Using Various Exposure Models
13 Considerations for Reconstruction of TCE Exposure from Groundwater Vapor Intrusion
14 Current Regulatory and Scientific Views Regarding Chemical Hazards to Children
15 Dermal Exposure Assessments
16 Development of a Relative Estimate of Potency Distribution for 2,3,7,8-TCDF: A Proposed Approach
17 Development of exposure assessment models of indoor air exposure to elemental mercury
18 Disposition of BDE 99 and BDE 153 in female mice
19 Disposition of BDE 99 and BDE 153 in female mice
20 Disposition Profiles of BDE 47; Developmental and Adult Exposures
21 Estimating benzene exposures from contaminated soils at MGP sites
22 Estimating the total TEQ in human blood from naturally-occurring vs. anthropogenic dioxins: a dietary study
23 Estimation of inhalation exposures to the OFF!® Mosquito Coil III following indoor use
24 Exposure and the prevalence of chronic beryllium disease and beryllium sensitization
25 Exposure Reconstruction of Historical Airborne Benzene Concentrations: Case study of a Deck Crewman on board Crude Oil and Chemical Tankers
26 Exposures associated with tasks performed on marine vessels
27 Geocoding Positional Bias: Effect in Analyzing Spatial Distribution of Dieldrin in Blood
28 Identifying a soil clean-up criteria for dioxin in residential soils: How has 20 years of research and risk assessment experience impacted the analysis?
29 Impacts of the shift from natural to agricultural ecosystems archived in unsaturated and saturated zone systems in the Southern High Plains
30 Incorporating the hormesis into the risk assessment paradigm
31 Influence of geographic location in modeling blood pesticide levels around Superfund site
32 Insecticide exposures after residential fogging: Biomonitoring cypermethrin metabolites
33 Integration of physical and chemical data to assess impacts of changes from natural to agricultural ecosystems on subsurface flow and transport in semiarid regions
34 PBDEs in U.S. Humans, Food and Environmental Samples
35 Pilot study on indoor pyrethroid exposure
36 Potential mobilization of arsenic and other solutes in the vadose zone through land use change in the Southern High Plains, USA
37 Retrospective modeling of potential residential exposure to perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA) releases from a manufacturing facility
38 Selected Activities at Los Alamos: Plutonium Processing, Reactor Operations, Accelerator Operations, and Processing and Testing of High Explosives
39 Statistical Evaluation of Metal Concentrations as a Method for Identifying World Trade Center Dust
40 Using Human Tissue Analysis to Estimate Community Exposures to Historical Releases of Plutonium from Los Alamos National Laboratory

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