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Cardno ChemRisk Presentations

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1 Weighted PCDD/F and PCB REP distributions and their use in probabilistic risk assessment
2 A case study of MTBE exposures and risk in California
3 Alveolar-deposited airborne particles of beryllium as a predictor of the prevalence of disease in a beryllium processing facility
4 Applications of quantitative exposure assessment– Dose reconstruction at U.S. nuclear weapons facilities (Workshop)
5 Applications of quantitative exposure in evaluating historical exposures
6 Applications of quantitative exposure in evaluating historical exposures
7 Assessing exposure comparability for a study of occupational 60 Hz electromagnetic field exposure and female breast cancer
8 Beryllium blood lymphocyte proliferation test (BLPT): variability and positive predictive value
9 Biomonitoring for beryllium: experience with a U.S. workforce
10 Cellulase recovery via membrane filtration
11 Changes in VTA Gene Expression Following Ethanol Self-Administration in AA/ANA Rats
12 Community Response and Health Assessment of PCB Release from a Natural Gas Pipeline Rupture
13 Dioxin: lessons from the literature
14 Historical public exposures and risks - The Oak Ridge Dose Reconstruction project
15 Identification of a Tryptophan Orienting Residue in the Active Site of Tryptophan Hydroxylase
16 Is total mass or mass of alveolar-deposited airborne particles of beryllium a better predictor of the prevalence of disease?
17 Medical monitoring survey results and beryllium exposure at a beryllium mine and extraction facility
18 Molecular Modeling of Tryptophan Hydroxylase: Implications for Rational Mutagenesis and Drug Design
19 MTBE ambient air and drinking water exposures in California
20 MTBE in California drinking water: A probabilistic assessment of exposures
21 Oxidative Injury Modulates Extracellular Matrix-Regulated NFkB Binding Activity in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
22 Oxidative Injury Modulates NF-?B Activity and Function in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells in a Matrix-Dependent Manner
23 Probabilistic distributions for PBPK model parameters
24 Radiation Protection for Our National Priorities: Medicine, the Environment, and the Legacy
25 Risk assessment implementation in Texas
26 The presence of the Ah-receptor agonists in the diet: Implications for risk assessment and risk management
27 The Texas combustion project: review of trial burn/risk burn plans and reports
28 Worst-case benzene exposure scenario from diesel locomotive exhaust in a roundhouse

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