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Cardno ChemRisk Presentations

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1 A comparison of generic human health and ecological risk-based soil remediation criteria in Canada and the United States
2 A comparison of two biokinetic models for lead to determine health based soil standards for residential and industrial sites
3 An efficient method for estimating uncertainty in thousands of dose calculations using Monte Carlo simulation
4 Biomonitoring of chromium (Cr) exposure by urinary excretion: bioavailability and sampling design
5 Estimation of chromium inhalation RfC by the benchmark dose method
6 Integrating critical scientific data into regulatory exposure limits: A case study with hydrogen sulfide
7 Oak Ridge Phase I Health Studies: A project overview
8 Oak Ridge radioactive barium/lanthanum production: History and a screening evaluation of potential off-site dose significance
9 Perspective on risks of chloroform in tap water: Implications of physiologically-based pharmacokinetics modeling (PB-PK) on regulatory toxicity criteria
10 Refinements in the exposure assessment process
11 Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Phase I health studies: A project overview
12 The Rocky Flats '903 pad' drum storage area: Off-site doses and health risks from dispersal of contaminated soil
13 The Rocky Flats and Oak Ridge dose reconstruction projects
14 Use of screening methods to focus future investigations of off-site health risks from past Oak Ridge Operations

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