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1 Age-Related Trends in US Pleural Mesothelioma and Soft Tissue Sarcoma Rates: Evidence for a Longevity Effect.
2 Airborne Asbestos Exposures Associated with the Installation and Removal of Roofing Products.
3 Alternative Assessments for Product Stewards: Getting Started.
4 Ambient Asbestos and Longterm Trends in Pleural Mesothelioma Incidence between Urban and Rural Areas in the United States
5 Applying the Bradford Hill Criteria in the 21st Century: How Advances in Molecular Epidemiology Have Changed Causal Inference.
6 Asbestos Content of Heavy Equipment Brake-Wear Debris and Associated Airborne Exposure During Brake Work.
7 Chemical Selection Tools Analysis Project & Results.
8 Comparison of the Upper Respiratory Tract Uptake Efficiencies of Vapors in Rats and Mice.
9 Concentrations of Diacetyl and 2,3-Pentanedione in Mainstream Cigarette Smoke: A Comparison to Workplace Exposures
10 Correlation of Blood Cr (III) and Adverse Health Effects: Application of PBPK Modeling to Determine Non-toxic Blood Concentrations.
11 Derivation of A Human Equivalent Concentration for Diacetyl for Hyperplasia of the Bronchiolar Epithelium
12 Dermal Exposure Judgment.
13 Diacetyl and 2,3-Pentanedione Exposures Associated with Cigarette Smoking: Implications for Risk Assessment of Food and Flavoring Workers.
14 Does This Chemical Make Me Look Fat? The New Frontier of Endocrine Disruption
15 Evaluation of Four Alpha-Diketones for Toll-Like Receptor-4 (TLR-4) Activation in Human Embryonic Kidney Cells.
16 Exposure Assessment of Children Ingesting Pb in Lipstick and Its Comparison to Regulatory Values.
17 Exposure Evaluation of Airborne Titanium Dioxide from Use in Spray Sunscreens.
18 Green Chemistry: A Critical Element of Sustainable Development and Product Stewardship.
19 Headspace and Small Chamber Studies of Airborne Diacetyl Concentrations Associated with Selected Food Flavoring Mixtures.
20 IH Decision Making for Dermal Exposure Scenarios.
21 Impact of the Evolving Regulatory Environment on IH.
22 In vitro Genotoxicity Assays with Co and Cr(III) Ions and Alloy Particles: Implications for Cancer Risks to Hip Implant Patients.
23 Lung Cancer Risk from Asbestos Exposure in Petroleum Refinery Workers: A Systematic Review and Stratified Meta-Analysis.
24 Method Development and Application for Nanostructured Material Exposure Assessment in Mixed Dust Environments.
25 Method Development for Nanomaterials Exposure Assessment in Mixed Dust Environments.
26 Nanoparticles from the Wear of Cobalt-Chromium Alloy Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants: Physicochemical and Dose Analysis of Patient and Toxicology Studies
27 Naturally-Occurring Airborne Diacetyl Concentrations Resulting from Roasting and Grinding Coffee Beans in an Industrial Setting
28 Premise Owners and Contractors/Suppliers: The Latest on Take Home Exposure Cases Involving Miners, Insulators and Factory Workers, the Duty Owed by a Premises Owner to a Plaintiff Whose Disease Is the Result of Second Hand Exposure, Motion Strategy, and Beyond.
29 Quantitative Evaluation Of The Relationship Between Vapor Characteristics And Upper Respiratory Tract Uptake Efficiencies In Rodents
30 The Long and Winding Road of CIH Exam Preparation
31 Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate in Nail Lacquers: A Proposition 65 Exposure Assessment.
32 Toluene in Nail Lacquers: A Proposition 65 Exposure Assessment.
33 Use of a novel method to assess exposure to nanoscale carbon black and amorphous silica at two tire manufacturing facilities.
34 Weight-of-Evidence Evaluation of the Respiratory Effects Associated with Diacetyl.
35 What Are Acceptable Levels of Risk from Asbestos Exposure in the Home?

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