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Cardno ChemRisk Presentations

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1 Ambient asbestos and long-term trends in pleural mesothelioma incidence between urban and rural areas in the United States (1973 to 2012).
2 An exposure and health risk assessment of lead (Pb) in chocolate.
3 An exposure and health risk assessment of lead in beverages.
4 An updated evaluation of reported chrysotile asbestos no observed adverse effect levels (NOAELs) for lung cancer and mesothelioma.
5 Analysis of the indirect genotoxic effects of asbestos: implications for dose response models.
6 Asbestos exposure and pharyngeal and laryngeal cancer risk: A fiber-type specific meta-analysis.
7 Assessment of indoor formaldehyde concentrations following the installation and removal of laminate flooring.
8 Assessment of potential tremolite exposures from historical vermiculite-containing consumer products.
9 Diacetyl exposure and respiratory disease: an evaluation of the current weight of evidence.
10 Electronic cigarette puff topography: Analysis of monitoring method among naïve and experienced users.
11 Estimate of 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCMH) exposure with normal use of contaminated water during the Elk River spill.
12 Evaluation of immune stimulation following exposure to metal particles and ions using the mouse popliteal lymph node assay.
13 Flame-retardants in upholstered furnishings: An assessment of health risk and fire-related deaths in the era of California Technical Bulletin (TB-117).
14 Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde generated by electronic cigarettes: Meta-analysis of aerosol concentrations and comparison to tobacco cigarette smoke.
15 Health risk assessment of exposures to a high molecular weight plasticizer present in automobile interiors.
16 Historical ambient airborne asbestos concentrations in the United States - An analysis of published and unpublished literature.
17 Human equivalent concentrations for diacetyl based on minimal bronchiolar respiratory effects observed in animals: A refined analysis using current toxicology data and dosimetry models.
18 Influence of breathing pattern on derivation of human equivalent concentrations of inhaled diacetyl for deep lung effects in rodents.
19 Lung cancer mutation profile: Meta-analysis and comparison of never and ever smokers.
20 Meta-analysis of lung cancer risk related to diesel exposure by occupation and evaluation of exposure response.
21 Potential tremolite exposures associated with talc- containing products.
22 QSAR modeling toxicity predictions of the constituents of crude 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) and structurally related chemicals.
23 Risks associated with arsenic exposure resulting from the consumption of California wines sold in the United States.
24 Surveillance in trends of foodborne illnesses based on assessment of food safety lawsuits.
25 Threshold for the interactive effects of cigarette smoke and asbestos exposure for the risk of lung cancer.
26 Using reported adverse events to identify potential health risks and individual susceptibility associated with energy drink consumption.
27 Weight of evidence evaluation of potential endocrine disruption by 1,3-diphenylguanidine based on results of tier 1 endocrine disruption screening program assays.

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