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1 Christian, W.V., L.D. Oliver, D.J. Paustenbach, M.L. Kreider, and B.L. Finley. 2014. Toxicology-based cancer causation analysis of CoCr-containing hip implants: A quantitative assessment of genotoxicity and tumorigenicity studies. J Appl Tox. 34(9):939-967.
2 Cowan, D.M., T. Kingsbury, A. Perez, T.A. Woods, M. Kovochich, D. Hill, A.K. Madl, and D.J. Paustenbach. 2014. Evaluation of the California Safer Consumer Products Regulation and the impact on consumers and product manufacturers. Reg Tox Pharm. 68:23-40.
3 Cyrs, W.D., H.J. Avens, Z.A. Capshaw, R.A. Kingsbury, J. Sahmel, and B.E. Tvermoes. 2014. Landfill waste and recycling: Use of a screening-level risk assessment tool for end-of-life cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin-film photovoltaic (PV) panels. Energ. Policy. Advance online publication Feb. 21, 2014. doi: 10.1016/j.enpol.201401.025
4 Cyrs, W.D., M.H. Le, D.M. Hollins, and J.L. Henshaw. 2014. Silica past, present, and future. Prof Safety. 59(4):38-43
5 Fedak, K., S. Gross, M. Jacobsen, and B. Tvermoes. 2014. Letter to the Editor: Birth outcomes and natural gas development: Methodological limitations. Env Health Perspect. 122(9):A232.
6 Finley, B.L. and P.K. Scott. 2014. Diacetyl and “popcorn lung” litigation: Assessing the evidence for general causation. ABA Environ Litig Toxic Torts Newsletter. 15(2):7-10.
7 Frasch, H.F., G.S. Dotson, A.L. Bunge, C.P. Chan, J.W. Cherrie, G.B. Kasting, J.C. Kissel, J. Sahmel, S. Semple, and S. Wilkinson. 2014. Analysis of finite dose dermal absorption data: Implications for dermal exposure assessment. J Exp Sci Env Epidemiol. 24(1):65-73.
8 Kerger, B.D., K.A. Thuett, and B.L. Finley. 2014. Evaluation of four α-diketones for toll-like receptor-4 (TLR-4) activation in a human transfected cell line. Food Chem Tox. 74:117-119.
9 Kerger, B.D., R.C. James, and D. Galbraith. 2014. Tumors that Mimic Asbestos-Related Mesothelioma: Time to Consider a Genetics-Based Tumor Registry? Frontiers in Genetics 5.
10 Kopelovich, L.M., K.A. Thuett, P.S. Chapman, and D.J. Paustenbach. 2014. History and evolution of warning labels for automotive friction products. Reg Tox Pharm. 68(3):402-414.
11 Madl, A.K., D.M. Hollins, K.D. Devlin, E.P. Donovan, P.J. Dopart, P.K. Scott, and A.L. Perez. 2014. Airborne asbestos exposures associated with gasket and packing replacement: A simulation study and meta-analysis. Reg Tox Pharmacol. 69(3):304-319
12 Monnot, A.D., W.V. Christian, D.J. Paustenbach, and B.L. Finley. 2014. Correlation of blood Cr(III) and adverse health effects: Application of PBPK modeling to determine non-toxic blood concentrations. Crit. Rev. Toxicol. 44(7):618-637.
13 Paustenbach, D., D. Galbraith, and B. Finley. 2014. Letter to the editor: Authors’ response to letters to the editor re: Interpreting cobalt blood concentrations in hip implant patients. Clin Toxicol. 52(5):569-570.
14 Paustenbach, D.J., D.A. Galbraith, and B.L. Finley. 2014. Interpreting cobalt blood concentrations in hip implant patients. Clin Toxicol. 52(2):98-112.
15 Pierce, J.S., A. Abelmann, L.J. Spicer, R.E. Adams, and B.L. Finley. 2014. Diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione exposures associated with cigarette smoking: Implications for risk assessment of food and flavoring workers. Crit Rev Tox. 44(5):420-435.
16 Sahmel, J., C.A. Barlow, B. Simmons, S.H. Gaffney, H.J. Avens, A.K. Madl, J. Henshaw, R.J. Lee, D. Van Orden, M. Sanchez, M. Zock, and D.J. Paustenbach. 2014. Evaluation of take-home exposure and risk associated with the handling of clothing contaminated with chrysotile asbestos. Risk Anal. 34(8):1448-68.
17 Sahmel, J., S. Gaffney, J. Knutsen, B. Epstien, and D. Paustenbach. 2014. Determinants of carbon monoxide exposure inside a motor home during on-board generator use. Int J Vehicle Safety. 7(3-4):409-424.
18 Tvermoes, B.E., A.M. Banducci, K.D. Devlin, B.D. Kerger, M.M. Abramson, I.G. Bebenek, and A.D. Monnot. 2014. Screening level health risk assessment of selected metals in apple juice sold in the United States. Food Chem Tox. 71(9):42-50.
19 Tvermoes, B.E., K.M. Unice, D.J. Paustenbach, B.L. Finley, J.M. Otani, and D.A. Galbraith. 2014. Effects and blood concentrations of cobalt after ingestion of 1 mg/d by human volunteers for 90 d1-3. Am J Clin Nutr. 99(3):632-46.
20 Unice, K.M., B.D. Kerger, D.J. Paustenbach, B.L. Finley, and B.E. Tvermoes. 2014. Refined biokinetic model for humans exposure to cobalt dietary supplements and other sources of systemic cobalt exposure. Chem-Biol Interact. 216:53-74.

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