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1 Barber, T.R., D.J. Chappie, D.J. Duda, P.C. Fuchsman and B.L. Finley. 1998. Using a spiked sediment bioassay to establish a no-effect concentration for dioxin exposure to the amphipod Ampelisca abdita. Environ Toxicol Chem. 17(3):420-4.
2 Corbett, G.E., D.G. Dodge, E. O'Flaherty, J. Liang, L. Throop, B.L. Finley, and B.D. Kerger. 1998. In vitro reduction kinetics of hexavalent chromium in human blood. Environ Res. 78(1):7-11.
3 Finley, B.L., C. Kirman, R.J. Wenning, and D. Mathur. 1998. Does the available toxicological evidence warrant identification of hexachlorobenzene as a dioxin-like chemical? Organohalogen Compounds. 38:325-9.
4 Huntley, S.L., H. Carlson-Lynch, G.W. Johnson, D.J. Paustenbach, and B.L. Finley. 1998. Identification of historical PCDD/F sources in Newark Bay Estuary subsurface sediments using polytopic vector analysis and radioisotope dating techniques. Chemosphere. 36(6):1167-85.
5 Madl, A.K., D.W. Wilson, H.J. Segall, and K.E. Pinkerton. 1998. Alteration in lung particle translocation, macrophage function, and microfilament arrangement in monocrotaline-treated rats. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 153(1):28-38.
6 Price, P.S., P.K. Scott, N.D. Wilson, and D.J. Paustenbach. 1998. An empirical approach to deriving information on total duration of exposure from information on historical exposure. Risk Anal. 18(5):611-9.
7 Proctor, D.M., M.M. Fredrick, P.K. Scott, D.J. Paustenbach, and B.L. Finley. 1998. The prevalence of chromium allergy in the United States and its implications for setting soil cleanup: A cost-effectiveness case study. Regul Toxicol Pharmacol. 28(1):27-37.
8 Sahmel-Faraci, J. and M.E. Williams. 1998. Fabrication-Area Ergonomic Control Practices in the US Semiconductor Industry. Semiconductor Safety Assoc J. 12:11-23.
9 Wilson, N.D., N.M. Shear, D.J. Paustenbach, and P.S. Price. 1998. The effect of cooking practices on the concentration of DDT and PCB compounds in the edible tissue of fish. J Expo Anal Environ Epidemiol. 8(3):423-40.

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