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Cardno ChemRisk Publications

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1 Paustenbach, D.J. 1987. Bhopal, asbestos, and Love they should affect engineering education. IEEE Tech and Society Mag. March. 6(1):9-15.
2 Andersen, M.E., M.G. MacNaughton, H.J. Clewell, III, and D.J. Paustenbach. 1987. Adjusting exposure limits for long and short exposure periods using a physiological pharmacokinetics model. Am Ind Hyg Assoc J. 48:335-43.
3 Leung, H.W., D.W. Hallesey, L.D. Shotwell, F.J. Murray, and D.J. Paustenbach. 1987. Toxicological evaluation of substituted dicyclopentadienyliron (ferrocene) compounds. Toxicol Lett. 38:103-8.
4 Paredes, C., W.V. Kessler, R.R. Landolt, P.L. Ziemer, and D.J. Paustenbach. 1987. Radionuclide content of, and 222Rn emanation from building materials made from phosphate industry waste products. Health Phys. 53:23-9.
5 Paustenbach, D.J. 1987. Assessing the potential environment and human health risks of contaminated soil. Comm Toxicol. 1:185-220.
6 Paustenbach, D.J. 1987. Should engineering schools address environmental and occupational health issues? J Prof Issues Eng. 113:93-116.
7 Paustenbach, D.J., J.H. Clewell, III, M.L. Gargas, and M.E. Andersen. 1987. Development of a physiologically based pharmacokinetics model for multiday inhalation of carbon tetrachloride. In: Pharmacokinetics in Risk Assessment, Volume VIII of Drinking Water and Health. NRC Press, Washington, DC.
8 Shu, H.P., D.J. Paustenbach, and F.J. Murray. 1987. A critical evaluation of the use of mutagenesis, carcinogenesis and tumor promotion data in a cancer risk assessment of 2,3,7,8 TCDD. Regul Toxicol Pharmacol. 7:57-88.
9 Veng-Pedersen, P., D.J. Paustenbach, G.P. Carlson, and L. Suarez. 1987. A linear systems approach to analyzing the pharmacokinetics of carbon tetrachloride in the rat following exposure to an 8 hour day and 12 hour/day schedules. Arch Toxicol. 60:355-64.

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