Latest blog entries All blog entries from Tue, 25 Jul 2017 16:29:59 +0000 en-gb Cardno ChemRisk Scientists Participate in Webinar Titled "Risk Communication - It's Not Just About the Facts" Two of our scientists, Drs. Marisa Kreider and Denise Hill, will be presenting at a webinar titled "Risk Communication - It's Not Just About the Facts", hosted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), on Tuesday, July 25th at 9:30AM (EDT). The presenters will be discussing various aspects of risk communication. Dr. Hill will be covering risk perception, specifically public concerns regarding land-based fracking operations, and Dr. Kreider's talk will be focused around the science of risk assessment and the challenges hazard-driven regulatory agendas are causing with respect to risk communication.  You can register for this webinar here

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Cardno ChemRisk Scientists Publish a New Study on Cosmetic Talc We are pleased to share with you an article our colleagues recently published in Inhalation Toxicology, titled “Cosmetic talc as a risk factor for pleural mesothelioma: a weight of evidence evaluation of the epidemiology.

In this paper, the authors pooled all of the mesothelioma studies of cosmetic talc miners and determined that, if in fact mesothelioma incidence had been significantly increased in these cohorts, it would have been detected using standard statistical techniques.  No increase at all was observed, and in fact there wasn’t a single reported case of mesothelioma in any cohort. 

The impetus for this study was a statement by EPA (in the early 1990’s) that the existing data were not sufficiently powerful to assess whether the miners were at risk.  Our analysis, which relies primarily on findings published since that time shows that there is now sufficient power to make such a determination.  As described in the paper, our findings are consistent with the fact that no pleural mesotheliomas have been observed in patients treated with very high doses of cosmetic talc placed directly in the pleura (“pluerodesis”).

Because miners were exposed to cosmetic talc at levels much higher than those associated with the use of cosmetic talc products, we conclude this is evidence that product use is highly unlikely to be a risk factor for mesothelioma.

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Cardno ChemRisk Employees Participate in Avon 39 Walk in Chicago

June 3rd and 4th, three employees of Cardno ChemRisk participated in the Avon walk to end breast cancer.  The Avon walk to end breast cancer occurs in seven US cities every year and asks each participant to raise at least $1800 and to walk 39.3 miles over the course of two days.  It started in 2003 and to date has raised over $600 million.  This is Laura Beth’s second year walking in memory of her Grandma Schwab, who lost her battle to breast cancer 20 years ago, and in honor of her sister-in-law, Hannah, who was diagnosed two years ago (and who is doing great!).   This year #TeamHanna (Laura Beth Miller, Laurie Armijo and Stacey Benson) raised over $11,000 and completed all miles of the walk in Chicago.  The Chicago event collectively raised over $3.1 million.  The money raised for this event will be used to “accelerate breast cancer research; improve access to screening, diagnosis and treatment; and educate people about breast cancer”.  

Breast cancer is such a pervasive condition in the US that it is hard to find someone who has not been impacted in some way by this cancer diagnosis.  This became obvious as we walked the streets of Chicago and were cheered on and supported by so many caring and energetic people! Lone survivors wearing their pink sashes clapped for us and thanked us for walking.  Groups of survivors wore tutus, played music, and passed out beaded necklaces. Children eagerly handed out pink lemonade and suckers.  Families held signs in solidarity supporting our efforts.

As participants, we got to walk with amazing and inspiring women and men who have been impacted by breast cancer.  We saw women who had recently finished treatment, still wearing compression sleeves, still waiting for their hair to grow back walking steadfastly toward the finish line.  We saw men walking in memory of their mothers, their wives, their daughters, and their sisters.  We watched family members walking for their sisters, mothers, aunts, daughters, and cousins who were unable to walk themselves.  We witnessed amazing volunteers giving of their time to provide medical assistance to walkers; crew members who ensured food, water and ice were readily accessible; and motor crew members who traveled with music and costumes to inspire and provide safe passage to walkers throughout busy downtown streets and quaint suburban neighborhoods.

Are we a little sore – yes… Are we a little tired after two hot days in the sun… yes… was it worth every inspiring step… YES!.  Laura Beth is hoping that every year her team will grow a little bigger!  Who is ready to join #TeamHannah in the effort and walk in the Boston event next year?

For more information on the event:

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EPA Administrator Pruitt Centralizes Superfund Authority for Larger Sites Posted on behalf of the author Paul Scott

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt on May 10, 2017 issued a memorandum revising the existing delegations of authority related to the approval of proposed remedies at Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), or “Superfund” sites. In the memorandum, EPA Administrator Pruitt reserved his authority to make the remedy selection at CERCLA cleanup sites whose Record of Decision (ROD) had a proposed cleanup cost exceeding $50 million.   In the past, remedy selection decisions at these sites were performed by the Assistant Administrator for the Office of Land and Emergency Management and the Regional Administrators.  The stated purpose of Administrator Pruitt's delegation of this authority to his office for these sites was to improve the remedy selection process and to involve the Administrator and his office in the remedy selection process more directly.

This change in remedy selection authority will have a direct impact on contaminated sediment sites where the proposed remedy is often in the hundreds of millions of dollars let alone greater than 50 million dollars.  For most of the major contaminated sediment Superfund sites, the selected remedy will have to be approved by the Administrator instead of by a Regional Administrator or Assistant Administrator for the Office of Land and Emergency Management.  For perspective, the proposed costs for the remedies for the following sediment sites from their respective RODs:

  • Hudson River: $460 million 
  • Passaic River: $1.38 billion 
  • Fox River: $390 million
  • Lower Duwamish River: $342 million
  • Portland Harbor: $1.05 billion

The announcement and a link to the memo are located on the EPA website here.]]> (Melanie Nembhard) Centers of Excellence Fri, 02 Jun 2017 21:59:19 +0000
New Certified Industrial Hygienists at Cardno ChemRisk 10 other CIHs in our firm. For more information, please contact Will Cyrs at or (415) 618-3217.]]> (Anders Abelmann) Occupational Health/IH Mon, 01 May 2017 21:28:27 +0000